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Any one work in a hospital? I need an interview please.?

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Anyone work in a hospital? i need a interview for school tmrw. Preferably one thats very involved in the patients and such. thanks

I would like to go to medical school , what do u advice me?

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I am a foreigner living in USA and a new comer to the county, and I completed Diploma in Accounting while I was back home , but now I realized that the profession is not rewarding as medicine is. so what are the procedures to apply for school of medicine. shall I take four years degree in science before I go there? or do I have other options?, how is the pre-medicn degree? How may years will it take me? I mean the pre-med, Will the Pre-med degree allow me to work untill i go for M. D ?
How does the pre-med degree is considered? I mean is it a degree ? or what?

Don worry I am still young , 23

I would like to hear funy answers but please be to the P !!!

is it ok to give my 3 month old oatmeal mix with water?

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my 3 month old is constipated and i was wondering if i could give him oatmeal mix with water my son is breastfed as well

Does my baby have sleep apnea?

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He’s two months old and he snorts like he’s congested in his nose. he does sweat while he sleeps. He can’t hold a pacifier in his mouth for longer than 15 seconds and he will only sleep or like ten minutes at a time then he wakes up like he startled and makes this wierd noise like he’s gasping for air but he doesn’t open his mouth. I want to take him to a specialist but I’m on Medicaid. Is there any other option I can take?where do I go from here? Moms how did you know your little one had sleep apnea

My mom wants me to go to the pediatric, what do I do to get out of it?

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Ok, so like my mom is like a super nut job! She wants me to go to the pediatrics (kids doctor), and take a physical exam, like I already did it 3 times already, and it’s a painful and embarrassing process. Like who wants to lose blood, and have a painful middle finger, and the pediatric doctor saying,’ you’re as healthy as a horse.’ That’s so stupid, like seriously I just went 2 months ago, but that was when I was sick, but now like people only go there when they’re overly cautious about their health, I’m going next month, and do you know what, I’m getting braces, and at least 3 or more shots, and that stupid exam thing, like why not just take out the exam, and I don’t need that much pain in one month, it’s almost like waking up one day and feeling nothing, and then the next morning you feel like you got hit by a truck. My mom is very cautious, and overprotective, what can I do to make her change her mind about bringing me to the physical exam? I need some serious help, but if you can’t do anything about it just please say that you agree that my mom is the ultimate pain bringer. I love her and everything don’t get me wrong, but I want choices of my own.

What does an oncologist do?

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I am interested in becoming a pediatric oncologist. I do know what it means to be an oncologists, and the personality needed in order to succeed in the field. However, I am doing a project for school and I’m not sure which key points I should put on a poster board.

what is being a pediatric physical therapist like?

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When i grow up, i want to be a pediatric physical therapist. I love little kids, and i’ve always wanted to be a nurse. But me and blood/needles/veins don’t go together, i would end up passing out every time I delt with it. So being a PT sounds like a good job for me. Is it hard to get into a PT school? Is it a competitive school? How long does it take to become one? What subjects do you need to be really good at?

A letter about Obama’s “Affordable” care act…?

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This was from our local newspaper….
As one of 18 million people who lost a health care plan I liked, I scrambled to find another one.
Thank God for Obamacare. I now have a policy that costs me more than double, has a deductible that is double what I had before, covers less per visit to doctors and doesn’t cover my prescriptions.
But fortunately, I now have maternity coverage (I am 59 years old) pediatric coverage (maybe for my kitten?) pediatric dentistry (but I can’t get dental coverage for myself) transgender coverage ()If I decide to change sexes) and my husband has maternity and lactation coverage (in case they ever figure out how a man can have a baby)
And, for only more than double the cost!
Isn’t the “Affordable Care Act” great?..

what is the average dose of Nutropin AQ a child with growth hormone deficiency takes?

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Could someone with growth hormone deficiency who takes it tell me what their daily dose is and their weight.


What is the average cost of vision therapy?

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I’m an adult considering vision therapy for a mild inward deviation in my eyes when alternating dominance, thus causing binocular vision or diplopia (double vision).

It is unlikely that it will be covered by my vision insurance, so I’m wondering what and how much does the cost of this vision therapy can range from, or has cost those of you that have had it in the past.

My goal is to have greater visual acuity in intense focus and aiming sports, i.e., bow hunting, pistol shooting, and billiard games. Currently when focusing with my dominant eye, my left eye turns inward across and past my aiming point. Especially if I am using the tops of my eyes.

Thank you everyone!!

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What is the average cost of vision therapy?

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