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Does my baby have sleep apnea?

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He’s two months old and he snorts like he’s congested in his nose. he does sweat while he sleeps. He can’t hold a pacifier in his mouth for longer than 15 seconds and he will only sleep or like ten minutes at a time then he wakes up like he startled and makes this wierd noise like he’s gasping for air but he doesn’t open his mouth. I want to take him to a specialist but I’m on Medicaid. Is there any other option I can take?where do I go from here? Moms how did you know your little one had sleep apnea

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  1. brighteyes76a

    Hello! Yes, sleep apnea is possible in children and in infants. Children with obstructive sleep apnea are more difficult to recognize and diagnose. The diagnosis is usually based on the symptoms such as failure to thrive (weight loss or poor weight gain); mouth breathing, enlarged tonsils and adenoids, problems sleeping and restless sleep. Sometimes the causes of apnea are not found, especially in children who are younger than one year old and it is called apnea of infancy (AOI) and it usually goes away on its own. Central apnea usually occurs in premature infants and neonates and it is associated with immature nervous system. ask your babys doctor for a referral to a specialist Medcaid does pay if the Dr sends ur baby there..

  2. www.myspace.com/1real1genuineguy

    Yes there is Specialist who take Medicaid or Medicaid Hmo’s , for infants with a possible diagnosis for sleep apnea , It sure sounds like he does have it , This is a dangerous disorder that can cause death in both adults as well, As children … He should be seen as soon As possible , cause delaying this can result in heart attack , cardiac arrest , stroke , death

  3. terry

    Hello Brianne,

    It looks like your baby has sleep apnea.
    Until you can go to a sleep specialist, you need to be careful with the baby (and I’m sure you are).

    Babies under one year of age are in danger if they have sleep apnea. There is a syndrome, called Sudden Infant Death Syndrome which is an unexplained and fatal syndrome that affects infants. Scientist believe that sleep apnea is one of the cause of death in infants.

    But you can do something until you go to a sleep specialist. As I said, you need to pay attention with your baby.

    There are some preventive measures that can protect your baby from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome:

    - breastfeeding

    - always putting the baby to sleep on its back or side, and never on its stomach.

    - avoid smoking in the home and near the baby.

    - removing fluffy bedding and toys who can suffocate the baby

    - using a firm bedding or a pacifier

    - learning CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation)

    - using alarm devices that can detect when a baby stops breathing (apnea monitor)

    - talking with a pediatric sleep specialist if you think your baby may be at risk of sudden infant death syndrome.

    I hope this will help you, and your baby will be fine. Take care!

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Does my baby have sleep apnea?

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