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How do I get my baby girl to sleep?

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It’s almost impossible to get any sleep at night. Our one month old baby girl has colic. She gets hysterical at night, and cries making me sleep on the floor in her nursery all night. My back hurts a lot right now, and I just don’t know what to do! I’ve tried everything–from gripe water, to slings and nothing works. Any recommendations? I’m in need of help! Thank you…

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  1. Proud Mommy!

    i feel sorry for you. i hear gripe water really helps with colicky babies. maybe you should change the brand that you are using.

  2. Jack

    Try Sing Songs to her ~!

  3. Lauren

    Is she breast-fed or bottle-fed? If she’s bottle-fed, make sure you have good quality bottles, ones with a wider neck can reduce air bubbles. My boy has a lactose intolerance, so if she’s formula fed maybe that could be a contributing factor. Take her to the doctors who can rule out or confirm a lactose intolerance. The best thing I ever did was putting my son on soy milk formula. He’s fourteen weeks old and sleeps through the night-every night almost as soon as we changed his formula. Other than that, I don’t know what else you can try-apart from soothing music, my boy’s baby monitor plays soothing music or a dummy. Even try a vibrating bouncer or swing. They can find the motion particularly soothing.

  4. Day-nuh

    I talked to my little girl’s Pediatrician about this very same thing, only my baby is only two weeks old. She said it was due to the lack of routine in her schedule and she suggested that we put her on a regular bedtime schedule to get her to sleep and to let her cry sometimes. She was not sleeping in her bassinet and would not sleep unless I gave her the breast. The Pediatrician told me that this would condition her to have very bad sleeping habits and told my husband and I that we needed to try out a schedule for all of our sakes. :) Maybe this is the case with your little one, too? But of course, I have not yet dealt with colic, so I have no idea what that is like. I have heard that letting them lay on their stomachs when you are burping them on your shoulder helps relieve some of the pressure. I would try calling the hospital where you delivered and asking them what you should do. The labor and delivery nurses should be able to help you out much more than the community of Y!A. Good luck.

  5. Whitley

    I don’t know if this will help, but I always go for the five S’s, and it works for me even when the babies are sick. Swaddling, Side/Stomach, Swinging, Shushing, and Sucking.

    Basically, wrap her up snugly in a blanket, lay her on her side or stomach in your arms, rocking her back and forth while making “shh” sounds, and if you need to, give her a pacifier. I know a lot of hospitals say not to give babie pacifiers until they are 6 weeks old, but my mom gave all five of my siblings and me pacifiers from day 1, and we turned out alright. I do it for my kids, too.

  6. LuvinLyf

    try a bath before bed, my daughter has always slept very comfortably after a bath.

  7. Todd

    First, talk to a doctor. It may be more serious then just this common problem. There are unique symptoms and causes of colic vs. just fussing that you want to address. Most of these issues are diet related. If you’re breast feeding then the issue may be your diet. Finding that sweet spot is a challenge. Too little vs. over feeding. The right type of formula or the right diet to create breast milk. They have to stay upright for 30 mins after eating as well. No matter what, the baby has to get used to eating in the first place and that will take a while… months even.

    But as far as calming your child, I have more experience with that. My daughter was born with two teeth and started teething immediately. (Rare but it does happen.) She was in pain and inconsolable. We did some basic stuff. We kept her naps to a minimum and kept her active so she would sleep since she was just plain tired. Other easily overlooked but obvious issues are making sure they are warm and swadled.

    I know that a baby will feed off of your anxiety. If you’re frustrated about something it shows. If the baby is what’s making you frustrated that still counts. I still say soft music or other white noise helped by giving them something to do besides doing nothing and getting stir crazy. Something that helped her (but not really me) was taking her on a car ride. The rhythm and noise was just about perfect every time. She would often wake again after the ride if she wasn’t that tired but sometimes she staid asleep afterward.

  8. Marian howard

    HI… In my own opinion, YOU DONT NEED MEDICINE OR SOMETHING….U JUST NEED to seat and strech your legs forward and put the baby in your legs and swing it…DONT SWING IT FASTER JUST A LITLE SO THAT THE BABY WONT GET DIZZY AND U WILL ALSO WONT GET TIRED OF SWINGING UR LEGS :D i hope this MSG will help u

  9. jenny

    My son would wake up and start crying every night at 10pm when he was around 2-3 months. I just made sure that he was dry (gave him a new nappie), some gripe water, put on some gregorian chants with a modern twist (“Enigma”) and placed him upright on my shoulder while I walked around. This usually did the trick. Later on when he was older and for some reason or other wouldn’t sleep, I would either take him on a car ride or put him in his stroller and push him around. You could also ask your pediatricians advise or check with the well-baby clinic nurses. Many of them are mothers and have loads of experience. Don’t sleep on the floor! Get an extra cot in there or bring her crib into your bedroom. You will not be able to care for her if you have a bad back.

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How do I get my baby girl to sleep?

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