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which degree would be better to obtain?

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I’m looking to get an associates in either Vet Technology, Occupational Therapy Assistant, or Human Services. Which degree has the best job opportunities and the best pay?

Do I have a shot at getting into NYU’s (pediatric) nursing program?

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I will be applying for college this coming fall and I was wondering if I have a shot of getting into NYU with my grades, letters, ect.
I have a unweighted GPA of 3.5, along with 2 AP classes, and multiple honors classes. However I have maybe 3 extracurricular activities, not relating to school at all. I am not involved in anything at school. I have work experience, know I can get great letters of recommendation and write a great essay.
I am most concerned with the fact that I am not involved at my school and I only have an average GPA.
Regarding my SAT and ACT scores I have yet to take them. However I took my PSAT this year and was in the average-above average category.
Please help!! I would like to see what schools I have a chance at attending! Any advice you could give would mean the world to me! Thank you! (:

Help Me! I don’t know the name of a job.?

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What is the name of the job that is a nurse that takes care of babies when they are just born. I don’t think that its a pediatric nurse, I’m sure there a certain name . Thanks !

How do I get my baby girl to sleep?

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It’s almost impossible to get any sleep at night. Our one month old baby girl has colic. She gets hysterical at night, and cries making me sleep on the floor in her nursery all night. My back hurts a lot right now, and I just don’t know what to do! I’ve tried everything–from gripe water, to slings and nothing works. Any recommendations? I’m in need of help! Thank you…

Are there several Neonatology Fellowships, or is there only Neonatal-Perinatal medicine?

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I’m researching Neonatology fellowships and the path for a prospective Neonatologist, and I have only come across Neonatal-Perinatal medicine. I am interested in this, but are there others?

Do doctors with a Fellowship in Neonatal-Perinatal medicine actually care for and treat newborns, or do they just serve as consultants? If so, which Pediatric specialty will allow a physician to care for and treat newborns?
Never mind, I found an answer to this. If you want to add something feel free…..
Here: http://www.nrmp.org/fellow/match_name/neonatal-perinatal/about.html

Apparently the do serve as consultants as well as caring for the newborns, etc.
I meant, ‘they’. Not ‘the’.

Pediatric vs family nurse practioner?

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I’m want to be a nurse practitioner but I don’t know if I want to specialize in pediatrics or just go tieth family. I want to specialize in pediatrics but one of the colleges I want to go to only has an FNP program. I dont know what to do. I want to work with kids. But I like having options. If I was an FNP would I be able to work mostly with kids? What ages/people do most FNPs work with? Part of me is drawn to the FNP cause maybe then I would work with womens health along side of peds (I like the whole mother/newborn thing.. I considered both neonatal and midwife). Please, any tips would be great! I have no idea what I want.

What kind of doctor specializes in sinus & breathing problems?

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I am 16, and I’ve had sinus and breathing problems for quite some time now.

My mom just got us good health insurance, so she wants to take me to a specialist, but we have no idea who specializes in that kind of thing?

What are they called?

How can I check the credentials of a pediatric dentist if they aren’t listed with ADA?

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I want to take my kids to their first visit, but want to make sure we go to a reputable dentist. I check with ADA and I could only find that one dentist on my insurance list was active. That’s out of ten listed. But nothing showed letting me know if they had complaints or suits against them. What should I do?

Isn’t Michael Moore a hypocrite since he talks about the health care industry, yet he is fat and unhealthy?

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please help me?

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research paper on pediatric nurses. help me think of what to write in the body.. please?

Pediatric Nurses, above and beyond the call of duty
What is a nurse? Is it someone who’s always on call, but doesn’t care about what happens to their patients, is it someone who feels like they’re obligated to helping people, or is it someone who doesn’t take the time to find out peoples needs?
No, a nurse is none of the above. A nurse is a caring well educated person who has a passion for helping people, in this case helping children. A pediatric nurse provides care to infants, children and adolescents. They’re job has a broad range of duties and can include anything from taking care of a newborn baby with breathing problems to looking after a 16 year old boy who got hurt in a football game.

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please help me?

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