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What does an oncologist do?

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I am interested in becoming a pediatric oncologist. I do know what it means to be an oncologists, and the personality needed in order to succeed in the field. However, I am doing a project for school and I’m not sure which key points I should put on a poster board.

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  1. sukis

    not a lot

  2. achickfilmmaker

    An oncologist is a cancer doctor. My mother’s oncologist cured her of Hodkins Disease. I have a lot of respect for that field of medical practice.

  3. lourdes r

    he is a graduate of medicine specializing in cancer cells

  4. Annie D

    Wow! An oncologist is a cancer specialist and a pediatric oncologist treats children with cancer. That’s a really hard job emotionally. It would take a very special person. You’d be dealing with death and suffering of young children. That’s very hard. You’d be dealing with parents who are scared. You’d have to tell parents that their child is going to die.

    The schooling would take a long time. Four years of college, four years of med school, internship of 1-2 years and probably 4 yers residency. You’d be in your early 30′s by the time you’d be in practice. It would take a LOT of money. The time and energy that would go into it is intense. You’d have to really want it badly to make it through all that.

    Good luck on your project.

  5. Panda

    My son is being treated by a pediatric oncologist. She basically oversees his healthcare needs as a cancer patient. She is part of a pediatric oncology team that works in tandem. She is considered my sons primary care oncologist. Basically she coordinates his treatment. What that means is that she was involved in the original diagnosis, she broke the news to us (not a good time), she recommended the protocol (type of treatment to pursue), she has done extensive research into his rare cancer, she is in contact with other doctors treating this type of disease. Her recommendations, skills, and guidance saved my sons life. The day she told us that he was ‘no evidence’ of disease . . I cannot even tell you how emotional that was. She has my respect and so much more.

    As for personality, she is direct, honest . . being honest is the only way to handle the often horrid news you’ll hear . . but honesty also sets you free. Once you know exactly what you are dealing with, whether it is bad or good . . than you can just get on with treatment or making other plans. You don’t sit around imagining things. She is always compassionate and genuinely interested in my son and his life. Once the medical issues are taken care of she spends time talking with my son about what is happening in his life and what she can do to improve any problems. She always spends at least one hour with him for an appointment. It is always apparent that she is interested not only in his medical health but his social and emotional development as well.

    An area of pediatric oncology that is wide open is adolescent oncology. There is much study done about children and adults with cancer, but little has been done in the area of adolescents and young adults with cancer. Adolescents have their own unique needs that are often not met with pediatrics or with adult medicine. So, if you are interested in becoming a pediatrician and you like young people . . this might be an area to consider.

  6. Kendra

    A person who has specialized in oncology.It is the branch of medical science that deals with the study of tumour ,its causes,characteristics, development and treatment….

  7. jewells_40

    It takes a special person to be able to deal with cancer every day and it take a VERY special person to deal with kids iwth cancer.

    I would look at St. Jude’s hospital for more info -



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What does an oncologist do?

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